With over 35 years of producing high quality upholstery leather for clients all over the world, we are still one of the leading tanneries developing innovative articles and working alongside renowned furniture manufacturers to create high quality upholstery.

We acquire our raw material (mostly bovine and buffalo) principally from Brazil but various articles in our production line requires us to source raw hides from other countries such as India, Germany and New Zealand.

We insure that all our suppliers of raw material are selected using very strict ethical and quality standards.

Poltrona in pelle
Poltrona in pelle


We proud ourselves on being able to tailor to the needs and requests of each individual clients. Each client is unique and distinct and as such, we work alongside each one to help them achieve the furniture that they create; studying together the aspects of their products and providing them with all our experience to help build what they have envisioned.

We don’t just consider ourselves a supplier for our clients but an important partner in their chain of production.

We build our business looking to the future and keeping in mind that our world is constantly changing so we too must be continuously innovative, responsible, transparent and ready to meet any need, request and challenge that our clients bring to us.

We produce our leather articles with the standards and craftsmanship that many years of experience has taught us and we continue to improve our services to give the very best of what we pride ourselves on the most:

Innovative, artisan-crafted furniture leather, made in Italy..

Poltrona in pelle


Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Poltrona in pelle
Poltrona in pelle
Poltrona in pelle
Poltrona in pelle

Ital Leather Sources’ awareness of environmental sustainability has lead the way to choices and actions that have revolutionized our finishing methods.

Always aware of the growing need to search for new ecological ways to produce leather, we work alongside various chemical companies to develop chemical products to use in creating new and sustainable articles.

One essential aspect is the finishing of the hides which is done using primarily water-base chemical products and applying the finishing to the leather with a roller-coater which means no more air emissions and a savings of 30% on chemical products on the leather. Our goals is to be able to finish all our leather articles with the roller-coater system to achieve 0% emissions into the atmosphere.

We consider sustainability in all aspects of leather finishing. What we used to call waste is now raw material for other products like gelatin or energy, and the water is depurated and increasingly re-used in our production.

Not only are we embarked on being environmentally aware in the production of finished leather but also in our workplace. From the office to the factory, recycling has taken on the main focus.

Use of renewed energy sources for electricity, smart printing, thinking green with recycled paper products and recycling bins are just a few of the practices that have certified Ital Leather Source with ISO 9001 and soon with LWG certification.